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Anthony Ingham
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Make the most of your summer!

20 Things to do to gain skills and have fun

Summertime is the perfect opportunity for teenagers to make the most of their break and engage in activities that are not just enjoyable but also help their personal and professional growth. Here are 20 things for teenagers to do this summer:

  1. Volunteer in local community projects or charity organizations to give back to society while building empathy and teamwork skills.
  2. Pursue work experience or internships in local businesses to gain valuable insights into different industries and develop professional networks.
  3. Enroll in a summer education program, workshop, or online course that focuses on enhancing specific skills or exploring new subjects.
  4. Join a sports club or team in Harrow to improve physical fitness, develop sportsmanship, and foster camaraderie among peers.
  5. Attend creative arts workshops or classes to discover and nurture talents in painting, drawing, music, or dance.
  6. Learn a new language through online resources, apps, or enrollment in language classes offered locally.
  7. Start a summer reading challenge to expand knowledge, stimulate imagination, and improve communication skills.
  8. Engage in photography or videography projects to express creativity and learn the art of visual storytelling.
  9. Participate in coding camps or coding competitions to develop programming skills and technological literacy.
  10. Explore nature by joining local hiking or nature clubs, or simply visiting parks within Harrow for outdoor activities and environmental awareness.


  1. Launch a small business or entrepreneurial project, such as creating and selling handmade crafts or organising a community event.
  2. Join a drama club or theater group to develop confidence, public speaking skills, and an appreciation for the performing arts.
  3. Undertake a home improvement project, such as gardening or DIY crafts, to hone practical skills and bring creativity to your space.
  4. Collaborate with friends to organise a charity event or fundraiser for a cause you are passionate about in Harrow.
  5. Join a local youth council or political organization to develop leadership skills, engage in governmental processes, and voice your opinions on community matters.
  6. Take up a part-time job in Harrow to gain real-world work experience, financial independence, and develop time management skills.
  7. Start a blog or YouTube channel to share your interests, experiences, and perspectives with online communities.
  8. Explore your culinary skills by participating in cooking classes or experimenting with new recipes at home.
  9. Learn basic First Aid and CPR skills by enrolling in a first aid course offered locally, preparing you to handle emergencies with confidence.
  10. Join a public speaking or debate club to fine-tune communication skills, learn to express opinions articulately, and build self-confidence.

These activities not only provide enjoyable experiences but also allow teenagers to acquire new skills, broaden their horizons, and make valuable contributions. So, make the most of your summer in Harrow by getting involved in these exciting ventures.

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