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Connie Colli
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My Work Experience at Harrow Youth Stop

How it's changed my perspective on work and life.

My school arranged me a work experience placement at Harrow Youth Stop, a few months ago. I was anxious and agitated about it as I hadn’t heard about it. I was panic-stricken when I was told to phone them and I avoided the call for a few days before deciding that I should. I called the Service Manager, Trina Rodden and had a phone interview where she proceeded to ask me questions about things I like and what I would like to do in the future, as well as proving an insight into her work at HYS. I then felt better as she told me about what the team does at HYS and how they will make sure I settle in well. I became less agitated after that phone call and more relieved. I couldn’t wait to meet the whole team and display my eagerness to learn and work.

On the 15th of July 2019, I met Kathryn and Trina. They were very welcoming and glad to see me, which made me feel better. I met the team and had a brief discussion about what I will be doing and the tasks that I will be given. I worked around a timetable, which gave me a variety of tasks to complete and to work accordingly to the time I have been given. I had a wonderful opportunity to refurbish an interview room, detailing my vision, the costs and whether it will be suitable for the young adults coming in.

The next day, I met Connie, Gordon and Chris. They were all pleasant and made me feel part of the team that they have here at HYS. I worked alongside them by making calls and giving suggestions on how to improve their website. The team here at Harrow Youth Stop is wonderful. They all support young adults, helping them to feel valued, overcome challenges and provide life-changing opportunities and guidance to them. They help to transform lives of young adults and to dedicate their life to doing this is inspiring and truly notable.

On Wednesday, I met Rachel, another member of the team here at HYS. She was very lovely and welcoming and helped me to start off my day and complete some of my tasks. I helped to price up lunch options for a group of people and found some of the deals that they have here in Harrow. I then started off a presentation about HYS which I could present to Year 11 students. I thoroughly enjoyed all these activities which I have done and pleased about all the new skills I have learnt and can show off.

On the Final Day, I decided to finish of all my tasks which I hadn’t finished before. I am glum and dejected at having to leave HYS as the staff made me feel very fortunate and a part of their team. I admire the work that they do here, helping young people to overcome their challenges and to embrace their potential. I commend their dedication to guide the young people and I am very grateful to have had an opportunity to work alongside them and to view them as they work.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your team and I wish you all the best in the future!


Brigitte Alex Robin


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