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Priorities over luxuries

My advice about priorities, luxuries and ‘side-hustles’ - by RTrizzy


Listen to RTrizzy speak about why you should put your priorities first, identify your luxuries and why you should broaden your horizons with ‘side-hustles’.

RTrizzy says, “It sounds cliché, and many people say this, but having balance within your everyday life and having self-discipline within yourself is important. I’ll be real, everyone has their moments where they say to themselves, “I can’t be as*** to do this, or I can’t be as*** to do that…’, but really and truly, those things are your priorities”.

He hopes that his message will help people who are in secondary school, colleges, Uni, working for a company, or running a business of their own. In his YouTube video clip, he gives some great advice about prioritisation. “Your priorities are those things that you need to get done, but sometimes you have those moments [Where you cannot be bothered], but deep down within yourself you know you need to get it done, otherwise it will be detrimental to you and things will catch up with you. Those are your priorities”.

RTrizzy tells us, “Your luxuries, for example, are things you like doing in your spare time.  I’m filming YouTube videos at the moment, it’s something I do in my spare time, I have a passion for it. It’s a luxury, and I treat it as a side hustle. But it can be anything, it doesn’t have to be YouTube".

"It can be absolutely anything, obviously it can take time to find that passion, but once you find that passion, make it a side hustle. Whatever it is, whether it be painting, drawing, or gaining knowledge about bikes, anything. Just broaden your horizons and don’t stick to one thing or put all your eggs in one basket, have several plans, those side hustles you have could turn into a business one day”.


You can watch the full video at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti07K7xT0rk


Many thanks to RTrizzy for giving us permission to share his video in the hope it will inspire young people.

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