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Becoming an apprentice

Before I even left school, I knew College, Sixth Form or any other type of school setting wasn’t for me. Since year 9 I couldn’t settle into any one school and was moved around constantly, because of this I didn’t achieve the grades I needed. This brought my confidence down by a huge amount. When I left school, I didn’t want to carry on studying but knew I had to achieve the grades I needed to get where I wanted to in life. Being put down by almost every teacher I had put me in the mindset that there’s no one to really support me or who actually wants the best for me.


4 months went by after I left school and I could see my mum becoming fed up with me doing nothing with myself. She wanted me to meet my full potential, so she took the time to call Harrow Youth Stop to ask if there was any one to support me in doing so. The outcome was positive and I was told to drop in and see a careers advisor, which I did. I was told I about the post they had available for Business Admin Apprentice and honestly, I was taking anything I could get. Olivia, one of the careers advisors that saw me at the Youth Stop helped me improve my CV. A couple of days later and I was contacted and invited for an interview. I was worried as I had never had a real interview before, so I just went along not knowing what to expect. During the interview I just answered any questions I was asked to the best of my ability.


I left thinking that I’d never get the job. However, I received a call to tell me that I had got the job and that I could start in January. I was shocked and happy, but my mum even more so. She was proud and she wouldn’t stop saying so which made me just want to do my best!


Since working here, the team have been so supportive and helpful and I couldn’t have imagined my first job being in such a special environment. I’m currently making the most of it and studying for Functional Skills Hoping to improve my grades.


I love working here as many young people that visit have had the same struggles as me, being able to tell them my story and giving them hope is such a good feeling. I’m grateful for the support the team at Harrow Youth Stop showed, and think if you’re in a bad place and need the support it’s the best place to visit!

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